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How much does a license cost?2019-07-13T16:34:00+02:00

A license is € 10,00. This is a small amount, but you get a lot in return. The license is valid for 1 person who can use this within his / her household.

Can I share it with my friends?2019-07-13T16:34:41+02:00

Of course, we like it when you want to share our software with your friends. But if your friends want the full functionality, they have to order their own license.

Why should I order a license?2019-07-13T16:33:31+02:00

If you have purchased a license, you have support from us, and you have access to all functions available in the software. You also have 3 slots of space to upload your M3U.

Is the software for free?2019-07-13T16:33:00+02:00

No the software is not for free, but you can use the basic functions for free. This allows you to try the software, and let you decide for yourself whether you need the more extensive functions.


Can I use it to edit other types of M3U files?2019-07-13T16:35:36+02:00

That is possible, but the IPTV M3U Editor was created to edit M3U Plus files. And all functions in the software are focused on IPTV M3U Plus files. So no support is given for other formats of M3U files.

What should I do if I find a bug?2019-07-13T16:36:28+02:00

You can always contact us via the contact form, and clearly describe what the problem is and how it happened. We will then try to resolve the error as soon as possible and provide an update.


What happens to my personal data when buying a license?2019-07-13T16:37:36+02:00

Your personal information will not be stored. The name used to register is converted to a license code, in which the name is processed. We do not keep personal data stored.

Is it safe to upload my M3U?2019-07-13T16:38:26+02:00

Safety online is always a risk, but the uploaded M3U is stored in a database. This database is protected and not accessible to users. We make every effort to ensure the security of the information in the M3U.

Are data from users passed on to government agencies?2019-07-13T16:41:38+02:00

No, for that reason we have also decided not to store any personal data. This way we can guarantee the privacy of our customers.

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