Can I watch via a VPN server?2019-11-09T12:33:45+01:00

Of course it is possible to watch our IPTV channels via a VPN connection.

We recommend WindScribe for this. You can sign up for this VPN service via this link.

Can I try it out?2018-02-23T14:36:24+01:00

Of course! See here how you can order a trial subscription of 24 hours. Only one-time trial pass will be issued by e-mail / IP address.

Can I watch anywhere?2018-02-23T14:37:13+01:00

Of course you can look everywhere! Everywhere (worldwide without restrictions) where internet is available with a minimum speed of 4-6Mb / s you can immediately watch TV on your smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. Please note if you look at your smartphone that you are not crossing your limit as far as MBs are concerned with any additional costs as a consequence.

I just placed an order. When will I receive the credentials?2018-02-23T14:37:57+01:00

On working days you usually receive an email within 3 hours with all the data to be able to watch TV directly. Unfortunately, this can take a bit longer during the weekend.

Do I have to pay monthly?2018-02-23T14:38:42+01:00

Luckily not! You buy a one-time subscription with us which automatically expires. We will never make a debit, if you want to renew the subscription you can easily purchase a new subscription from our site.

Can I use two devices simultaneously on one subscription?2018-02-23T14:39:16+01:00

No, unfortunately that is not possible … Connecting multi to 1 account can block your username and IP address.

Where can i find the EPG? (Electronic Program Guide)2018-11-14T08:58:52+01:00

You can find the EPG by clicking on this URL:


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